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Our menus display four categories and encourage families to select items from each. The categories are listed below. We’ve included a few ideas under each category to help you get started.

Mains (aim for 10-12 items)
Snacks & Desserts (3-5 items)
Fruit & Vegetables (4-6 items)
Drinks (1-4 items, including water)


•  A menu that provides a few options in each of the categories will look really
    appealing. We’ve suggested a number of items to aim for against each
    category, above.

•   Hot, cold and seasonal items keep things interesting and increases purchasing.
•   Remember to include simple options (for the younger and fussier eaters), as
    well as more sophisticated ones.

•   Teachers love to order lunch too. Consider whether you would like to offer a
    teachers’ menu or if you will combine everything into one. Teachers may like
    salads or more sophisticated toppings, and other items that are not available
    to children.
•   Remember to include Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options if
    you can.

•  Ingredients will need to be listed for those meals where it is not obvious,
    e.g. bolognaise.


Suggestions & Ideas
Take a look at our sample menu for ideas and inspiration.
Read the Nutrition Guidelines – this includes an ideas section
Have a look at our Menu Category suggestions.
Talk to us! We would love to discuss your menu ideas with you.


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