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Create an ezlunch menu


Ezlunch is all about real food that kids can eat every day. We make great school lunches ez by offering tasty, healthy options that could be made at home – if only the time, talent and ingredients were available!

Here we explain the menu guidelines, menu categories, options and give some suggestions and ideas for the menu.

When you’re ready to go, download the menu template and get started.


Remember to contact us if we can help at any time.


Two guidelines to keep in mind when creating an ezlunch menu for school.
Read more


Menu categories
Our menus display four categories and encourage families to select items from each. Read more


Options In and Options Out
Think about additions and deletions. This is a high priority for school lunches... kids may like a chicken salad roll, but without the tomato, and they want to specify that to you. Read more



Suggestions & Ideas
Take a look at our sample menu for ideas and inspiration.
Read the Nutrition Guidelines – this includes an ideas section
Have a look at our Menu Category suggestions.
Talk to us! We would love to discuss your menu ideas with you.




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